Using a driver with tee on the ForeMat Training Mat
Is Your Game Off The Rails?
Get It Back On Track!
Improve Your Pre-Shot Routine!
Improve Aim, Alignment & Head Control!
Hit More Fairways & Greens!
Get Lower Scores Immediately!

With the ForeMat Training Mat!

Using a driver with tee on the ForeMat Training Mat
Is Your Game Off The Rails?
Get It Back On Track!
Improve your Pre-Shot Routine
Improve Aim, Alignment & Head Control
Hit More Fairways & Greens!
Lower Your Score Immediately!
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With the ForeMat Training Mat!


  • Ultra-Durable Indoor-Outdoor Surface
  • 1/2″ Supportive Foam Base
  • ‘Real Divot-Like Feel’ Iron Shots
  • Free-Standing Tee for Tee Shots
  • Choose for Right or Left Handed Golfer
  • Comes with Velcro Straps for Easy Rolling and Carrying
Man showing another person how to practice golf swings on the Golf ForeMat, a golf practice mat.

The ForeMat Training Mat can be used for all of your practice needs, indoors and out. It’s perfect for use indoors with a simulator or in the privacy of your backyard with a net (not included). Store indoors.

Easy to transport, roll, strap and carry with with custom velcro straps – great for use at the driving range.

Made entirely in the USA. Ships within 5 days of order. 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

SET-UP for SUCCESS with ForeMat!

Use the ForeMat Training Mat to learn the Pre-Shot Routine used by Nicklaus, Woods, and many other pros! Play your game with consistency and confidence when you practice with the Foremat Training Mat.

Use to Learn:

  • True Target Line – Aim
  • Consistent Ball Position
  • Parallel Alignment Stance
  • Head Position Control


Where to Use:

  • Wherever you practice
  • Yard or garage with a net (not included)
  • At the driving range
  • With your simulator


How It Works:

ForeMat arrives with SELF TEACHING instructions that are clear, and easily understood that walk you through a step-by-step procedure producing your professional pre-shot routine, putting you in the best possible physical position and mental state each time you prepare to swing at the ball.

Use the ForeMat to practice and perfect your pre-shot routine for each of the three basic shots in golf:  Tee Shot, Long Shot, Short Shot.

The ForeMat pre-shot routine helps you:

  • hit more fairways
  • hit more greens
  • make more pars and birdies
  • and lower your score

“It is the best training aid that I have ever come across. As a PGA Golf Professional for over 20 years, providing lessons and clinics for my members, this mat would have revolutionized the way I teach.”
– Daniel A., PGA Pro


“Better Than Another New Driver!”

“I’ve struggled with distance and accuracy for as long as I’ve played the game. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on new clubs, gadgets and instructors through the years last spring I took lessons with a new teaching pro. He pointed out two significant problems with my approach to swinging a golf club; first he kept correcting my feet alignment shot after shot, telling me my aim was off, usually to the right of the target. Second was that my weak shots were a function of not keeping my head/mass behind the ball at impact thus losing valuable club head speed and of course distance. Then the breakthrough, he asked if I had heard of the new product on the market called the “ForeMat”. I told him that I saw it online but was quite skeptical. Low and behold he walked me over to another stall at the range that had the mat lying there. He told me to give it a try. Well 30 minutes later I was online ordering my own. I’ve used the mat in my backyard and in my garage now for 6 months. I don’t need another new driver or another golf training aid, I have dropped a full club with each iron and my accuracy has astounded me and my playing buddies! I love the ForeMat!”

– Eric A.
Buffalo NY, age 61
HCP 12, Down from 15

“Dropped My Score By At Least 3 Strokes!”

“I am a left handed golfer and have been trying to correct my slice off the tee for many years. After using the ForeMat I was able to drop my score by at least 3 strokes since I now very rarely hit an OB shot off the tee. What the ForeMat provided me was a quick visualization of my feet position and how to get in the habit of properly lining myself up with the target while striking through the ball. I used the ForeMat at the beginning of the season and put it away once I was noticing changes but towards the end of the season I noticed my slice coming back. Now, I continually practice on it throughout the season in hopes of eliminating old habits. Great product and would recommend to any golfer trying to better their score.”

– Daniel T.


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PGA Pro out on the golf course hitting a golfball with a driver.